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Woodside Credit - Apply On-Line to Woodside Credit or by phone.   Financing for Collector Cars with terms up to 10 years with very competitve rates!  With such competitive rates, longer terms and therefore lower monthly payments, Woodside Credit is an excellent choice for your Collector Car Financing.  Call Antonio Saba at Woodside Credit at 800-717-5180 for details!

 -- We offer financing with our local bank- Newfield National Bank --We have been banking with Newfield National Bank for over 39 years.  They will finance any of our cars, but you must be a NJ resident 


You cannot apply online but you can obtain a loan application with this link.  They do require that you have selected a car prior to the loan application process.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at 856-692-0087 or Newfield National Bank directly at 856-692-3440.